A thirty years experencied brand in “Made in Italy” design that brought their point of view about the beauty of trend, the perfect picture of quality/price makes Xagon Man a brand in constant trading evolution. Research and pratical style are the basis of a strong brand with the desire to live everything and improve the own look to everyone.


Ser.O.Ya, a contemporary fashion label with a commitment to catalyzing social change through philanthropic partnerships. The emerging brand, founded by Ohad Seroya, offers predominantly gender-neutral garments in unisex, feminine and masculine designs.

The People Vs.

IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE THE PEOPLE Vs. is the story of the streets and the people who occupy them. Blending contemporary streetwear with rock nostalgia, we create vintage inspired fashion fundamentals for the moment. Each garment is made in strictly limited numbers and receives our unique boutique laundering process. Wear It & Destroy It. The … Continued

Hannes Roether

Hannes Roether first appeared in 2005 in Munich as a brand of men’s clothing. The founder and designer of the brand that bears his name believes that clothing should be as comfortable as possible, while insisting that it stress the individuality of the wearer. Special attention is thus devoted to the practical aspects of cutting, … Continued

Never Enough

The world is our home and charisma our scent. No matter what, we do it with style. We know that the key is in the details. Our philosophy is based on the art of living with savoir faire. Never Enough is the dimension of the bon vivant people. Those who wake up in Hong Kong for work … Continued


in a world in which everything can be bought, Kiefermann aims to be the desire of every indiviual with very conscious product. The passion of the collection emphasizes the nerve of men with casual, cool, contemporary and relaxed, fashion items. Through much passion and attention to detail is Kiefermann produced.


GABBA is a family-owned denim brand with more than 30 years of experience in making jeans. The brand was founded by Ole and Karen Madsen, in 1983 with a vision of creating a modern denim brand, focusing on quality fabrics and attention to detail. With a global mindset, they gather inspiration from around the world. … Continued


. Founded in 1982 in Florence, Italy .Crossley design reflects the need of timless semplicity, by focusing on timeless simplicity, by focusing on a sensory approach, each piece speaks to the desire to be unique Crossley is experience and experimentation, a quality with no compromises. Thoughtful originality. The result is an exclusive collection achieved with … Continued


P448 is an Italian footwear brand rooted in the belief that eclecticism, design innovation and experimentation lie at the heart of self-expression.   P448 is based on the philosophy of ‘mixing and matching’. This ethos drives everything from the style aesthetics to the team DNA. The P448 family is a dynamic mix of master innovators … Continued